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Would you like some sugar with your tea?

Anyone else just a bit annoyed with the conservative right and their new found disgust over our tax policies? Funny how they were quite satisfied with the status quo for the last 8 years as long as all those tax breaks went to the wealthiest and least in need. But alas I digress…

So by now you have heard about all the teabagging planned for tax day right?. If you have no idea what I am talking about then watch this:

I can’t seem to escape hearing about this no matter where I turn. Even here on WordPress, my first encounter this evening was this post featured on the front page:

101 Tea Party Slogans

So it occured to me, what makes tea more enjoyable? How about sugar in your tea. So if you want to send a message this tax day or 4th of July or any day inbetween, that you are fed up with the fed up, send a packet of sugar, or equal or whatever sweetener you like, to your congressman or woman, senator, governor, or heck even Fox news.

Cause like Mary Poppins always says, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


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