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I’ve Been Bad but You Can Be Good.

Okay okay lomagirl had to shame me into it. She told me that my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 should have included a resolution to blog often and she is right and there is no time like the present. So Happy New Years (okay Chinese New Years is in just a few days so I can pretend it is still New Years), happy year of the Tiger.

2010 Year of the Tiger

My random thoughts lately bring me back to some previous posts on things like the Tea Party movement. The lack of movement in the Congress (I am sorry but just saying no to everything and then saying ‘well they didn’t ask nicely, is not a winning strategy). The ever present spin machine trying to make the Obama Administration treatment of suspected terrorists look like a position that is soft on terrorism when they are doing nothing substantially different than the Bush administration. The sad state of the Health Care Reform Bill and many other topics that are covered ad naseum in other sites.

So instead of musing political in that vein I am going to head a slightly different direction and challenge you all to think about Empathy as a Social Movement.

I heard this very interesting conversation about a month ago on KQED’s Forum program with Jeremy Rifkin about his new book “The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis” which posited the theory that our great nation and planet as a whole is still operating the Manifest Destiny philosophy and get it is time we change that mentality and teach a new lesson to the upcoming generations that prepares them for the ‘Third Industrial Revolution.

You can listen to that conversation here.


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