TMI Overload?

TMI is Too Much Information, for those of you who have not yet jumped on the information super highway. And that little piece of information is over in the breakdown lane. Watch this for sense of what we are facing. and be reminded that since this video is a year old, this information is even truer today.

Problem is not all the information is even information and most of the information is irrelevant or redundant. So how to find what you really need? I don’t actually have the answers, I am curious though. What are your ideas? What do you use to filter the information overload? Let me know.


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    Beth said,

    The exponential curve that represents information increase is frightening. I guess I’m pretty intentional about not being in the loop on some things. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling behind, but I get overwhelmed by the notion of keeping up with all of the technology and information available (even if it were possible financially…). I fear for our overloaded culture and for my the future of my kids. I plan on continuing to be intentional about limiting the intake of info for my kids. I want them to know how to do a conventional puzzle and to enjoy board games and to realize that solitaire is something that originated on a table top, not a “desktop.” I want them to be able to take a road trip and enjoy the scenery instead of being dependent on electronic devices to pass the time. I hope in time they will consider this a gift. 🙂

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    Wmattman said,

    As a teacher, I must be constantly learning. Keeping the understanding that we are not teaching for students to be able to function today, but the in the future is very sobering. I hope I can keep up at least.

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    Vicky said,

    Beth I completely agree about the skills we teach our children. We take many road trips and although the kids have their hand held devices they don’t rely on them for the whole trip. We love to play word games and search games too. Greer and I had an amazing drive from San Lius Obispo to Santa Cruz up Hwy 1 a few weeks ago and we had the best time laughing and sharing and pretending we were in Ireland (it was a foggy day along the cow covered fields and cliffs). A memory I think we will both cherish for many years to come.

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