On my new obsession – Tweeting

My latest obsession

My latest obsession

I joined Twitter about two weeks ago. I know this is not a new phenomenon but it is yet another application, toy, website or service that I or the Mattman has joined, that is generally ahead of the curve. Here are some examples.

Joined AOL so long ago I have my name as a login and with a fairly common name (Google my name and I am almost never in the top 20 pages) this is extremely rare. I interviewed with AOL for job a few years ago and they were impressed.

Joined Netflix back when the only had one plan: 4 movies at $19 per month. In fact we are still granfathered into this plan but we pay $17 for 4 movies. I think you normally get 3 at a time for $17.

Bought the Gen One IPod, with mechanical wheel and all. Still have it and it still works. We also have like 10 other IPods.

Joined YouTube about a year before Google bought them. This was when it was mostly people talking to each other and big media hadn’t discovered them yet. I miss the old YouTube.

Starting reading blogs like BoingBoing before I had even heard of a blog in the general media. Like in 2001.

We bought our first DVD player in 1998, there weren’t very many DVDs to chose from back then.

Bought our first cell phones in 1995 or it may have been 1994. They weren’t like Sat Phones, but they were still pretty huge.

Starting watching Hulu within a month of it’s launch.

Cancelled cable more than a year ago and only watch TV through the Internet. From the news reports I hear this is very rare for our age.

Matt says we are late early adopters. We usually aren’t the one willing to brave something before anyone else has tried it but we usually are well into something before it breaks big.

As for Twitter, so far I love it. I think my favorite thing is it is like a mini diary. Fun to go back and see where I have been.

Feel free to follow me there at LestyoubeJudged.


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    Kate Setzer Kamphausen said,

    You are so cool. I think my brain doesn’t work well around technological stuffs – but I wish it did! Actually, I do tons of research on things that *interest* me: the real problem is that the only thing I care about is fiction. And there are no novels that teach me about BoingBoing.

    Oh, hey, I can read your blog & maybe learn some stuff – after all, while not exactly fiction, it IS narrative with lots of humor!!

    Yay. Problem solved.

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