Time for something humorous!

Man o’ man am I getting election fatigue. So to take a break from it all and perhaps to step back and laugh at how crazy things have become, I present to you Fafblog! Thanks to BoingBoing for highlighting this hilarious post!

A taste:

FACT! “Obama” is an ancient Muslim name meaning “He Who Deceives the White Man with his Telegenic Charisma, Angular Good Looks, and Deceptively Conservative Policy Proposals.” Coincidence? Or co-bama?

FACT! The previous fact was made up. But doesn’t the fact that it was so easily made up prove that a kernel of truth must exist within the lie, and doesn’t the existence of that kernel of truth prove that the lie is, in fact, true? Think about it! But not very hard!

FACT! Barack Obama was a community organizer. ACORN is made of community organizers. Acorns come from oak trees. Oak trees belong to the genus Quercus, which includes Quercus faginea, the Portuguese oak. The prime minister of Portugal is José Sócrates, whose last name looks like Socrates, who lived in Athens, which is also a city in Georgia, whose state fruit is the peach, which is native to China, which is exactly what Osama bin Laden was eating off of while he was plotting to destroy the Twin Towers. It’s all connected, people – they just don’t want you to know! And they could be black.

I encourage you all to read the whole thing here:


And in my ever expaning endeavor to provide a first class blog please let me know how hilarious this blog is by voting in my new poll:


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