How Ugly Does This Need to Get?

Back from my break on the campaign I am sorely disheartened to see just how negative and nasty the campaigns have become. Let’s start with the most egregious attacker: Sarah Palin.

Fresh from her vows to take the gloves off and attack Barack Obama she is present at more and more rallies where the calls of “terrorist” and “kill him” are prevalent. Where the rumor that Obama was or is a muslim is a code word for “black” and scary. Here is a sampling of ideas from those attending a McCain/Palin rally:

It is literally brain chilling to see how negative some people have become, so negative that John McCain has stepped in and tried to be a voice of reason. And was rejected by the angry crowd.

And now this artice from the Times UK citing McCain campaign insiders who state “A McCain official confirmed that there was dissension in the campaign.”
CNN did a story last week on how race is playing a subtle but pivotal role in this election and the word muslim is code for black for some people.

I know campaigns get ugly, especially near the end, and we normally can heal from the nasty things said. But the vitriol this time around seems so mean spirited. The comments I read on places like AOL, and other blogs, makes me so sad and scared that we are still a divided nation that has no interest in listening to each with respect.

I cannot wait for the silly season to end.


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