Priorities: Hackers vs. Bin Laden

Last week a hacker admitted to breaking into Sarah Palin’s personal Yahoo email account. Let’s be specific, on Wednesday September 17th a hacker posted contents of Palin’s account as chronicled here Wired article ‘Group posts email hacked from Sarah Palin’s account

David Kernell

David Kernell

On Friday September 19th FBI agents served University of Tennessee student David Kernell’s roommate with a subpoena, and returned on Saturday September 20th with a search warrant. There currently is no confirmation that David Kernell or any of his roommates are the hacker. The lastest update today from Fox News where it is noted the current status of the investigation is ongoing.

Now you think you know where I am headed with this story, but let’s be clear, I do not condone anyone hacking into anyone else’s email account. Even if they are dumb enough to use a Yahoo account for any form of official business.

No, the point of this post is to juxtapose this rapid response from the FBI regarding this breach of security with the ongoing lack of follow through, will, mandate, whatever we need to call our inability to find US enemy number one, Osama Bin Laden. I have continued to be amazed that the most powerful country on earth, the nation that has been at the forefront of technology, military excellence, and the richest nation by almost any measure, has been unable to capture or kill the one terrorist almost every US citizen agrees they would like to see eliminated.

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden

Now I realize full well, that there is a huge difference between tracking an amateur hacker and a seasoned terrorist but I still think it points to an interesting intersection in the security prirorties of America.

And if you have ever been the victim of a hacker attack breaking into your email, don’t expect the same response from the FBI or local law enforcement. They are busy fighting real crime.


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