The Selfish Party?

There is a man in my department at work. He is my age, he is married with 3 children. He is VERY political. He was very sad and disappointed about the state of the election until John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be the Vice Presidential candiate. He is VERY VERY vocal in his opinions and the entire department has been subjected to his musings on many many subjects but his two favorite appear to be how

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    anonymous said,

    This is such a great post. Thank you. You’ve put my exact sentiments into words. I live in Massachusetts, which is a very democratic state, so thankfully I’m surrounded by a lot of likeminded individuals. However, for years I worked as a stock broker in Boston, and that office was a Republican enclave. That’s when I really began to equate the Republican party with selfishness, greed, and narrowmindedness.

    I believe in the fundamental merits of Capitalism – giving people the incentive to achieve and change their lives. I look at the Berlin Wall as a symbol of the failure of Communism – people scrambling to get over that wall from the stagnant communist side to the flourishing capitalist side. However, capitalism cannot go untamed. There must be public policy in place so that the rich don’t keep getting richer while the poor get crushed underfoot. That’s why I am so excited about Obama. He REALLY gets it. I loved what he said at the democratic convention about the United States being an “Your on your own” society. Don’t have any boot straps, well pull yourself up by them anyway. Not everyone can pull themselves up by their own boot straps. That’s why the story of the self-made man is so EXTRAordinary — NOT EVERYONE CAN DO IT. The ORDINARY man and woman may not have the ability to turn rags to riches, but does that mean that they should always live in poverty, with no healthcare, no safety net, struggling to survive? We have to look out for the least fortunate in our society. Yes, I believe in Capitalism, but a capitlaism in which we don’t depend on the philanthropic whims of a few rich men, but can depend on our government to provide for the weakest among us.

    Currently I’m in Medical school, and I hope to soon have a fruitful career, and as long as I am not struggling to make it from month to month I will not begrudge a higher tax rate.

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