Can you ruin your own day?

Okay a little departure from my typical postings lately on politics.

I have been a journey lately. A journey to be a happier person. In general I am a pretty happy person and I have been relieved to find, that when things get really down and out, I can buck up and be strong. But I have to admit, I am one of those people who can get annoyed by the little things in life. Annoyed to the point that it affects my mood and then I am annoyed by more things and well you can see where this can become a departure point from being a happy person.

I am not talking about happy people that live in denial, somewhat clueless about life or perhaps even a little off kilter. But I am talking about people who choose to let the little annoyances in life slide right off them and not get them down.

And because I am on this journey I am noticing more and more the type of person, I was and I am trying to leave behind. The person annoyed because there is a boisterous child in the booth next to them at a restaurant. The person who looks inconvienced because there is a line at Starbucks and it will take them a whole extra minute or two to get their coffee of the day. The driver who must go fast at all costs and rushes around tailgating every car in sight but only ends up the same place just ahead of everyone else (in the interest of self disclosure, this was one of my former vices, and I am really trying hard to work on it).

You get the picture. And so my question of the day is this. How often are we ruining our own day? If we could just let these little inconviences not matter, would it change our day? Even more, could it change more than that? If we let the person with fewer groceries in front of us in line. If we decided to laugh with the happy kids dancing around in front us at Costco. If we let someone merge in front of us

Kind of like this:

Okay so I am not trying to sell insurance but you get the idea. Maybe if we all slow down, if we think about the other person. If we do one act of kindness each day. Can we stop the bad days?

I am not saying there are not things we shouldn’t be upset about. But the little things, can we let them go and if so what might happen?


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