An Evangelical Perspective on Sarah Palin

From Time Online, Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?

From Time Online, Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?

Time Online (in partnership with CNN) published a great article over the weekend asking

Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?

You can read the whole article here.

One of my favorite parts was this:

Lost in the stampede of social conservatives to embrace Palin this past week is the fact that she is culturally outside the mainstream of Evangelicalism. Over the past few years, a growing number of Evangelicals have been consciously distancing themselves from the more extreme stands of the Christian right. They live in the suburbs, hold graduate degrees, and while they might not want their children reading certain novels, would be embarrassed by attempts to ban certain books from libraries, as Palin is reported to have briefly considered while mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. They don’t attend churches where speakers charge that violence against Israelis is divine punishment for the failure of Jews to accept Jesus, as happened at one of Palin’s churches two weeks ago (though Palin has now issued a statement saying she does not agree with those views). And they would disagree with Palin’s decision to use her line-item veto as Governor to slash funding for an Alaska shelter that serves teen mothers.

When I read this I almost wept. For the past 8 years, heck maybe even 15 years, the portrayal of my faith in the media, specifically when it comes to social issues and politics has been marginalized by a small yet very powerful group of far right conservative evangelicals. A group who has dominated the discussion in almost all media to such an extent, that I start almost every conversation I have with someone with “Yes I am a Christian and I hold Evangelical views, but not the ones you hear about in the media.”

This slowly started to change with the publication of God’s Politics by Jim Wallis in 2005.

It finally gave a voice to many Christians who felt marginalized by the Focus on The Family and Ralph Reed right wings groups dominating Fox News every night.

And now the conversation continues. I hope more and more people are sitting around the kitchen table and really talking about what is important to them and the survival of our country as a great nation that leads the way. This conversation has to be about more than gay marriage and abortion. As previously stated in an earlier post I have addressed where I am on abortion and the whole right to life versus pro choice, so feel free to check that out. But we have to talk about issues such as poverty, and not just the starving children in Africa, but the kids in that part of town you like to avoid. We have to take on the homeless situation and the abhorrent lack of mental health care in this country. We need to address climate change (or Global Weirding as Thomas Friedman describes it in his new book Hot, Flat and Crowded). This interview with with him on Fresh Air today should be required listening for all people who think Global Warming is just leftist extremism.

Thomas Friedman’s Argument on Geo-Greenism

And so back to Sarah Palin. We have to ask more questions than just is she a Christian and does she espouse family values? Her extreme right wing views on issues such as what books should be available in libraries, cutting funding to a teen pregnancy program, and the drill baby drill stance of the entire RNC, should prompt us all to have more conversations about our values whether shaped by God or not. But especially if you are a person of faith.


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    Polycarp said,

    I swear, noneconformer is everywhere with his garbage, but to your post.

    Great article. As a Community Organizer, I actually had the help of Jim Wallis, among other evangelical leaders.

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