Pretending to be Single

So the family will be back by the end of this coming weekend but this week I have been living the life of a single person (ask my cat, he is mad at me).

Monday night had dinner and saw a movie, Hellboy 2. It was pretty good movie, but I would rather watch it with someone so we can talk about it after. I choose Hellboy 2 cause the kids saw it last weekend with their cousins. So when they come home we can discuss the good and the bad.

Tuesday night had a Wine and Toes date with some friends from work. Very fun evening. Had a nice, pretty pricey pedicure followed by wine and cheese. It was one of those nights where the conversation was probably of great interest to anyone who might be eavesdropping.

Wednesday night had drinks and dinner with an old friend and half way through, her husband dropped by. Another good evening of fun and conversation.

Tonight is a meeting for a building project at church, not much different than what would happen if the family were here.

All in all I would say it is fun to not worry too much about hurrying home, but like my friend Patty points out, this really isn’t all that different than when the family is here. All in all life is much better when the family is here.


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