Okay so I had the best intentions. What can I say? I blew it. But here is to never giving up and coming back for more.

I was motivated to get back on track because I was sort of putting all my internet personalities together on my Digg account and it occurred to me to post this one as well and much to my chagrin I realized I have been neglectful.

The latest from here? Well the whole family is away, the Mattman is in Europe, the kids with my sister and even the doggie is at the in laws. What does that mean for me? No schedule to keep other than work, no one to worry about and whatever I want to watch. My latest vice since we finished season 1 of Dexter and now need to wait till August for season 2, Mad Men. Bought the season series on DVD and I like it so far.

Well I promise to catch up more soon. But is already late to bed for me.


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