Wednesday the 1st

What is with the naming convention of my posts you say? Well the 1st is the first post for that day, IE Monday the 1st is my first Monday and Tuesday the 1st is my first Tuesday. Until I have something more pressing to write about, we will go with this.

Musings for a Tuesday afternoon (that rolled into a Wednesday afternoon):

Losing your loved ones. I have multiple friends going through a tough time in their marriage and I have other friends dealing with the death of a loved one. I myself have been looking down the barrel of my father’s mortality for almost 3 years now.

My sister called me last night to talk about having a surprise party for our father. Except she decided it can’t be a surprise party because he might get too sick to be there and if we tell him he is having a party he will have more incentive to make it to the party. He is facing mortality as a result of his own behavior. An early life of drugs and drink left him with a uber bad liver. Hep C with a monster dose of Cirrhosis made his original liver go boom in a big and scary way. Through a miracle of modern science and kindness, he received a new liver 2 years ago. I thought okay, new liver, 10 years easy. Perhaps not. Now I am back to the mode before the transplant, thinking we have no idea how much time we have.

And all these friends in various states of giving up on their marriages. It so sad to see them wandering around, thinking uncoupling from their partner will solve all their ills. Most all are cases of “my life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, you must be my problem.” Is it me or are these people just plain stupid? Since when is it the other person’s fault that you don’t have the life you want? Since when did marriage become this disposable thing you can change like your car or your hair style, and then poof, it will be all better.

I guess I am in a fairly non understanding mood today. Sometimes I have no patience with people đŸ˜¦


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